About project

Full Project Title: Games for Learning Algorithmic Thinking

Short Project Title: GLAT

Programe: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for school education

Project Reference: 2017-1-HR01-KA201-035362

Start: 02-10-2017 – End: 01-10-2019

EU Grant: 90.779 EUR

Erasmus+ dissemination platform: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/projects/


Improving students’ attitudes towards coding and the development of algorithmic thinking of younger students, reducing the “fear” towards coding and increasing students’ interest in the selection of future career in the ICT and STEM areas (in the long term).

This will be achieved by professional training of teachers regarding the use of innovative teaching methodologies such as Game Based Learning (GBL).


Algorithmic thinking primarily develops solving various problems that reflect real issues. It is related to problem-solving skills, logic and creativity and should be integrated into the daily learning through different school subjects.

Algorithmic thinking includes application of knowledge from other areas, especially science, mathematics and logical disciplines.


Direct participants are 20 primary school junior grade teachers. Gathered in the focus group, they will participate in 3 2-days workshops and in the development of learning scenarios.

Students from the classes of teachers involved in the focus group will be taught based on the prepared learning scenarios (about 300 students from the 1st to the 4th grade).

Project goals


Encouraging the integration of algorithmic thinking into the daily teaching through different subjects from the first to fourth grade of primary school

Training of teachers including the acquisition of contemporary knowledge and skills connected to different ICT related innovative teaching methodologies such as Problem Based Learning (PBL), Inquiry Based Learning (IBL), Game Based Learning (GBL).


Creating blended learning e-course in LMS (syllabus, materials in English and partly in Croatian) for further using in the partner countries and beyond. The course is available in MoD LMS: https://mod.srce.hr/course/view.php?id=284