The project consortium was set up to ensure effective cooperation and the joint work of experts in order to achieve high quality project results. There are three main intellectual outputs in GLAT project: workshop syllabus and materials, learning scenarios and the final version of the syllabus and learning materials that are based on gathered feedback from teachers and students.

Developed learning materials with the examples of good practice are available to teachers across Europe to improve their competences and acquire contemporary knowledge and skills aimed at innovative teaching in the field of ICT and coding.

All documents with project results are published under the CC BY-SA license.

Workshop syllabus and materials

 Workshop syllabus has been created for GLAT education that combines f2f  workshops with online learning during which the teachers are mentored by the experts. Development of the syllabus and materials has been related to innovative teaching methodologies such as Game Based Learning (GBL), Problem Based Learning (PBL), and Inquiry Based Learning (IBL).

The syllabus presents an introduction to other content created by project’s experts: presentations for the sessions of the workshops, the GLAT Teacher’s Guide, learning scenarios prepared by teachers that serve as examples of good practice, and the GLAT Moodle e-course.

Learning scenarios

Learning scenarios are documents in which the teacher demonstrates how to carry out teaching activities in an innovative way, using modern pedagogical methods and appropriate digital content and tools.

In total, teachers from the focus group have developed 62 learning scenarios with the help of online mentoring of experts. The scenarios have been accompanied by additional materials (e.g. links to online content,  printable worksheets). The outstanding scenarios have been translated into English.

Final version of syllabus with materials

Feedback from the teachers and their students, collected through questionnaires and interviews, was used to get an enhanced syllabus with the materials for learning. Final version of syllabus is prepared in Croatian and English and includes schedules for all workshop sessions with learning outcomes, topics, evaluation methods, and tasks for the independent work. 

All materials are also are available after logging into the GLAT Moodle e-course in MoD e-learning system. The course backup is also available to be restored to own empty Moodle course.