Publication about dissemination of the project has been published

Together with the project results, publication with an overview of dissemination activities has been published.

The first part of the document presents evaluation results regarding satisfaction of teachers included in the GLAT education about the f2f workshops as well as results of the survey conducted with the students from 1st to 4th grade of primary school who participated in the learning activities designed by their teachers – participants of the GLAT education.

The second part of the publication presents details regarding dissemination activities. From the start of the project, dissemination activities have been carried out to inform target audience about the project and to raise interest for project activities and results. The project disseminated the project results to large number of different stakeholders at local, regional, national, EU and international level: primary school junior grade teachers, informatics teachers, student – future teachers, partner and regional education institutions, school headmasters, local, regional and national bodies, colleagues – specialists in the area, and broader audience.

To address a wide audience, all partners were included in the dissemination, which was carried out using various communication channels and activities. Overall, 2000 participants attended GLAT dissemination events described in the publication.

Additionally, members of the GLAT project team published 18 professional and research papers in conference proceedings and journals to disseminate the project and its results to the experts and the practitioners in the field. Published papers are included in the third part of this document.