Final version of syllabus and materials

Feedback from the teachers and their students, collected through questionnaires and interviews, was used to get an enhanced syllabus with the materials for learning. Developed Workshop Syllabus includes information about the education designed during the project GLAT, shedules for all three workshops together with descriptions of workshopsessions as well as documents (templates) that are added as annexes. The extended version, Workshop Syllabus and Materials, includes also handouts of presentations that are used for lectures.

Guide for Teachers has been prepared to help teachers in the process of designing innovative learning experiences for the development of algorithmic thinking. It brings lessons about relevant topics with references to examples of good practice.

The syllabus with learning materials is published CC BY-SA license.


Workshop Syllabus


Workshop Syllabus and Materials

Silabus i materijali

guide for teachers

Guide for Teachers

Vodič za učitelje

learning materials

All learning materials for GLAT education are available within Moodle e-course “Games for Learning Algorithmic Thinking” in the MoD learning system ( After enrolling in the e-course, it is possible to access the materials in Croatian and English.

Previously, you need to log into the system MoD with an AAI@EduHr account. If you would like to access the e-course but you don’t have AAI@EduHr account, please contact us at

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