Presentation of GLAT project to teachers of Informatics/Computer Science

GLAT project was presented at Professional development training for teachers of Informatics/Computer Science organized by the Education and Teacher Training Agency. The presentation was held on the 30th of August 2018 at Department of Informatics University of Rijeka and was attended by 150 teachers and representative of the Agency.

The main topic of the Symposium was related to the planning of learning activities in line with the new National Curriculum for the teaching subject Computer Science/Informatics. One of the structural domains of the Curriculum – Computational Thinking and Programming is related to the GLAT project. Therefore, teachers were introduced to the main objectives of the GLAT project, planned activities, and expected results.

It has been announced that teachers will have access to materials and learning scenarios developed by participants of GLAT Workshops and that, hopefully, those resources will be useful to them in the process of designing learning activities for their students.