GLAT project presented at conference “STEM Area in the Educational System: Today for Tomorrow”

The GLAT project and results achieved so far were presented at the professional-scientific interdisciplinary conference „STEM Area in the Educational System: Today for Tomorrow“. The aim of this conference is to promote the popularization of science and encourage the development of critical thinking in pre-school and early school-age children, with the aim of directing children toward STEM areas and creating a society of knowledge.

The conference was held on Monday, October 22nd, 2018 in Rijeka. The conference was organized by the UNIRI Department of Biotechnology, UNIRI Faculty of Teacher Education and UNIRI Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The conference was attended by school and pre-school teachers. The presentation held by Dr. Jasminka Mezak (UF) raised interest among participants, especially announcement of life-long learning programme based on the GLAT project results which start is planned after the completion of the project.