Activities for encouraging algorithmic thinking at UNIRI

During the Open-Door Days of UNIRI Departments, traditionally held in the week of Science Festival, GLAT project members from UNIRI team organized several activities in order to encourage algorithmic thinking and promote learning programming:

  1. Programming contest „Scratch Match“ – Students were expected to create a game using Scratch in which a player needed to recognize colors and write color names in English (“Colors” was the highlighted theme of this year’s Science Festival).
  2. Programming contest „Mighty Py“ – Students were expected to create an application with Python which can be used to randomly assign students to teams and display badges (selected geometric shapes) with names of team members.
  3. Workshop “Games for encouraging algorithmic thinking” – Students were expected to design games and interactive stories that can be used for learning (for different school subjects) and than to create them in Scratch.

A total of 39 primary school students participated in these activities on 9th of April 2019. Students designed interesting games and demonstrated good programming knowledge in Scratch or Python.

In addition, GLAT project promotional materials were distributed to all interested visitors including teachers who attended popular-scientific lectures at the Open-Door Days of UNIRI.