Presentations for teachers of Informatics/Computer Science

Martina Holenko Dlab (UNIRI) participated at the national teacher training seminar “Development of teachers’ competences: Evaluation and assessment” organized for Croatian teachers of Informatics/Computer Science. This seminar for professional development of teachers was held on 23rd and 24th of April 2019 in Terme Tuhelj and was organized by the Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency. Around 100 teachers from all parts of Croatia attended the seminar.

Martina Holenko Dlab held a lecture about using games for developing algorithmic thinking and programming skills in younger age (in junior grades of primary school). During the lectures, she presented examples of game based activities and tools that teachers can use in their everyday teaching.

She also introduced the teachers to the main objectives of the GLAT project, project activities and results as well as activities to be carried out at UNIRI after the end of the project. Both presentations raised interest among the listeners.

It was emphasized that teachers could use materials developed during the GLAT project to plan and perform various activities in collaboration with primary school junior grade teachers to encourage development of students’ algorithmic thinking skills. All interested teachers were given access to the materials and learning scenarios developed by the participants of the GLAT Workshops in the system MoD.