Promoting algorithmic thinking during “Magical Day” in kindergarten “Đurđice”

Jasminka Mezak (UFRI) held workshop for promoting algorithmic thinking development on May 10th 2019 in the kindergarten “Đurđice”, Rijeka. The workshop was held within “Magical Day” project.

“Magical Day” project is organized as part of the program 27 neighborhoods within the framework of the project Rijeka European Capital of Culture (EPK) 2020. A series of short, creative and innovative workshops are adapted to preschool children and held for children from kindergarten “Đurđice”.

During her workshop, Jasminka Mezak encouraged algorithmic thinking among children in a fun way, through games. Children participated in unplugged activities where they used worksheets (to solve the maze) and led each other through the space (to practice terms left, right, up, down, back and forth).

These activities served to educators from the kindergarten as examples for encouraging the algorithmic thinking among pre-school age children.