Learning scenarios

Teachers gathered in the focus group used the acquired knowledge and skills to develop learning scenarios published bellow as the examples of good practiceThey are able to decide independently which subject to choose, which lesson within the subject, which methodology and activities they will use. During the learning scenario development, online mentoring of experts from partner organizations and sharing ideas and tips with other colleagues is provided through the communication channels available in LMS e-course. The teachers also implemented the designed scenarios in classes with their students and share their experiences in the LMS. 

The outstanding learning scenarios are translated into English.
The learning scenarios are published 
under the CC BY-SA license. 

learning scenarios

Learning scenarios

Scenariji učenja i poučavanja

outstanding learning scenarios

GBl and unplugged activities

Rhythmic and dance structures

Author: Mate Verović

Subject: Physical Education (4th grade)

Playing and revising about the traffic

Author: Sonita Penavin

Subject: Science/Homeroom class (2nd grade)

Addition and subtraction to 20

Author: Ana Cvitak

Subject: Mathematics (1st grade)

PBL, online quizzes and logical tasks

Addition to 5

Author: Bojana Lanča

Subject: Mathematics (1st grade)

Months of the year

Author: Melita Stambulić

Subject: Science (2nd grade)

Spatial orientation

Author: Kristina Ujčić-Čučak

Subject: Science (3rd grade)

games and tools for programming


Author: Tašana Bobanović

Subject: Science (2nd grade)

The fruits of the seasons

Author: Mate Verović

Subject: Science (1st grade)

Playing and calculating up to 20

Author: Blaženka Bajić

Subject: Mathematics (1st grade)